Majors League Overview

League Director: Mike White

Competitive Kid Pitch Baseball League

Ages 11-12

Each player is provided a jersey and a ball cap

Practice starts Mid-April

Season starts Mid-May, ending in July.

Games are played in the evening, Monday – Friday

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Majors – Things To Know

  • There will be 4 Lyndhurst Teams.
  • Games are Monday-Friday.
  • Teams participate in the Quad-City league with competition from Mayfield, Cleveland Heights, South Euclid and Lyndhurst.
  • Bats shall be 27 – 32” in length and 2-1/4” in diameter. There is no limit regarding the weight – length differential rating of the bat. Wooden bats are illegal.
  • Will have a Quad-City Tournament to conclude the season.

Field Locations

ROLAND PARK (Lyndhurst) – Directions

BRAINARD PARK (Lyndhurst) – Directions


QUARRY PARK (South Euclid) – Directions

FOREST HILL PARK (Cleveland Heights) – Directions

League Information