Minors League Overview

League Director: Doug Levin
Semi-Competitive Kid Pitch Baseball League, with high instruction
Ages 9-10
Each player is provided a jersey and a ball cap
Practice starts Mid-April
Season starts Mid-May, ending in July.
Games are played in the evening, Monday – Thursday

Minors is the first year of kid pitch and the game play tends to be slower than a typical Mighty Mites game.  Having said that, our main goal is to create as much league parity as possible.  Every team needs to develop multiple pitchers and is an important skill to focus on.  Our selection process is as follows:

  1. Players who played in minors last year, have the option of playing on the same team or being placed back into the draft.
  2. Players new to minors will be invited to attend a workout at Wesler Gym towards the end of March.  Players will throw, catch and hit.  Each player is evaluated by the coaches and players are drafted in early April.
  3. Players who do not attend the workout will still be placed into the draft and are allowed to be drafted at anytime by any coach.
  4. Coaches are able to select one (1) assistant head coach.  The assistant head coaches son or daughter will automatically be placed on that team.
  5. Requests for players to be on the same team with their friends will not be granted.  It is the coaches decision to try and draft specific players should he or she choose to do so.
  6. Each team, regardless of roster size before the draft, will get 1 pick in the first round and 1 pick in the last round.

2018 Minors Schedule


Minors 2018 Schedule

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2018 Minors League Standings



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Minors – Things To Know

        • There are 7 teams in the Minors this season
        • Bats shall be 27 – 32” in length and 2-1/4” in diameter. There is no limit regarding the weight – length differential rating of the bat.
        • Wooden bats are illegal
        • Games are Monday-Thursday
        • Most teams play 2 games a week
        • Rainouts are scheduled for the following day if possible
        • Season will complete no later than 7/14

League Information