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The Purpose of the Lyndhurst Dads’ Club is to provide recreational opportunities for the children of the community in the ares of baseball, fast-pitch and softball.



Objectives of the Lyndhurst Dads’ Club are to promote ideals of good sportsmanship, honesty, loyalty, courage and reverence among the youth of Lyndhurst.



Managers, coaches, umpires and anyone else in authority are in the position of setting examples. Patience, fair play and a mature attitude are needed at all times. Using these virtues as much as possible will avoid chaos, and more importantly, will set the example we want in our youth.

Parents, players, children and observers may, in the spirit of competition, attempt to create discord. It is the responsibility of the umpires to control the game and managers to control their players and spectators. The Parents Code of Ethics and Fan Conduct form can be obtained here.



All those in authority must display the best in sportsmanship and fair play. No game sponsored by the Dads’ Club is worth any degree of unsportsmanlike conduct. Exercising patience and compromise is encouraged at all times in order that our youth learn by our examples.


Equipment Care

Maintaining an organization such as the Dads’ Club takes a lot of time and money. One of our largest expenditure is for equipment and uniforms. Destroying equipment or uniforms by poor care or lack of regard merely shows our youth that we don’t care, so why should they. Climbing backstops, smashing or throwing bats and helmets, ripping out bases and destruction of uniforms cannot be tolerated. All managers, players and spectators must exercise the care they would toward their own personal property. Returning equipment and uniforms promptly at the end of the season is a gesture of consideration the Dads’ Club expects from all members.


Playing Conditions

Rain and wet fields are our biggest problems. When the field conditions may jeopardize players, managers must agree with the umpire to cancel a game. Here is an opportunity to display sportsmanship; no game is worth an injury. Any sign of lightning calls for an immediate stop of play and a postponement and replay at a later date. If a game is postponed due to weather conditions, the game will be rescheduled by the managers and the league director.



Open meetings will be conducted twice annually. These meetings are for the benefit of all members of the Dads’ Club. Participation at these meetings is greatly encouraged, needed and welcomed. This is an opportunity to provide feedback to the Dads’ Club Board of Trustees.

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